Tennis NSW

Board & Committees

Governance is the term used to describe the various roles and responsibilities of the group of people who are elected by the members of an organisation to manage and run its affairs.

For Tennis NSW, governance is the responsibility the Board of Directors.

The Board of Tennis New South Wales Limited consists of the following members (at October 2014) –

Board2             Board6 - Wayne
Greg Doyle (President)              Wayne Pascoe (Vice President)

Board3 - Wendy            Board1 - Andrew
Wendy Saville (Country)           Andrew Mitton (Country)

Board7 - Ginette             Board5
Ginette Porteous (Metro)           Jonathan Sweeney
                                                     (Independent Director)

Board4 - Mick              board8 - Trudy
Mick Parslow                            Trudy Vonhoff
(Independent Director)               (Independent Director)

  • Chris Woodland (Court Operator)

The officer bearers of the company include (at October 2014) –

  • Alistair MacDonald (CEO)
  • Jackson Hills (Company Secretary)

Under the Tennis NSW Constitution, there are also four board standing committees; the Audit & Risk committee; Remuneration committee; Tennis Country; and Tennis Sydney.    In addition, the Board has set up two advisory sub-committees to oversee two other important areas of the Tennis NSW business. Those subcommittees are the Investment Sub Committee and the Selections Sub Committee.

Effective Governance is critical for the success of Tennis NSW. The increasingly commercial nature of sport is only one of the many factors contributing to the challenging environments in which Clubs and Associations operate.  To ensure long term success, all NSW Clubs and Associations need to have appropriately constituted governance structures in place. Success also requires the involvement of people with necessary expertise and vision to ensure that Tennis NSW is prepared to meet its future challenges and capitalise on its opportunities.

Members of all Boards and Committees of Management are responsible for the governance of their organisation, and all of their actions are subject to its Constitution and Rules and the various statutory acts and regulations that impact on it.

For more on good governance in sport head to to review the Australian Sports Commissions good governance principles for Australian Sport.