Tennis NSW

Staffing Structure

Tennis NSW organisational structure is comprised of three key business units headed by:

  • Greg Doyle: President, Tennis NSW
  • Alistair MacDonald: CEO, Tennis NSW

The key business units are:

Tennis Development

  • Head of Tennis: Jackson Hills
  • Membership Manager: Melissa Achten
  • Membership Coordinator: Chloe Fadl
  • Participation Manager: Matt Starr
  • Programs & Leagues Manager: Michelle Howe
  • Business Development Manager: Andy Schymitzek
  • Regional Development Manager / Senior CTO - North West: Ken Wray
  • CTO – South West: Garth Quast
  • CTO – Central West: TBC
  • CTO – Northumberland: Maurice Murphy
  • CTO – South East: Troy Smith
  • CTO – North East: Kylie Hunt
  • CTO – Metropolitan (South/East): Andre Bognar
  • CTO – Metropolitan (West): Lucy Wood
  • CTO – Metropolitan (North): Daniela Scivetti
  • Tournaments & Officiating Manager: Michelle Bowrey
  • Tournaments Coordinator: Susan Harris
  • NSW Player Support Head Coach: Chris Steel
  • NSW Player Support Manager-Coach: Darren Moore

Commercial / SOPTC Operations

  • SOPTC Operations Manager: Simone Bateman
  • SOPTC Maintenance & Groundsperson: Adrian O’Connor
  • SOPTC Head Coach: Craig Davison
  • SOPTC Programs Manager: Vernon Cheung
  • SOPTC Pro Shop Coordinator: Jiri Lipovski
  • Australian Tennis Museum Curator: Joanne Sippel

Shared Corporate Services

  • *TA Shared Financial Services Manager: Janine Paranavitana
  • Human Resources Manager: Alison Farah

*Beginning 1 July 2013, Tennis NSW commenced a new shared financial services arrangement with Tennis Australia.

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Tennis Australia

Tennis Australia also has a number of staff based in New South Wales, including staff from the following business units: