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The Lobethal Tennis Club is seeking EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST from all Senior players who are interested in playing in teams in season 2014/15 (commencing October 2014).

Teams are already being formed by other clubs and we need a firm commitment from players wanting to support OUR CLUB and enjoy our fantastic new facilities.

We are aiming for 4 senior Saturday afternoon teams in 2014/15 season (the maximum we can accommodate) and from interest to-date, we anticipate we will be nominating the following:


The above 3 teams are starting to take shape and we have already received names for the teams, however please let us know if you might be interested in these formats.  The 4th team could be ANYTHING – Traditional Men’s (min 4 men/boys required), Traditional Women’s (min 4 ladies/girls required) or Doubles format (min 4 men/boys and 4 ladies/girls).  Make it your own!!

We have a lot of talented Junior Tiger players so please consider supporting these players to make the step up to afternoon tennis.

We have 2 teams that traditionally register every year for the TUESDAY comp – however if Tuesday does not suite – then the Hills comp also offers a Wednesday nights competition also.  Night tennis is a fantastic option for those people who don’t want to commit to weekends, or those who want to keep playing through the “off” season.

Visit our Website for more detailed information on www.lobethaltennisclub.org   or send us an email to  [email protected]

We would like you to come and play for us.

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