Legana Tennis Club


The Legana Tennis club is committed to providing playing and development opportunities for a levels of membership. Any suggestions for the improvement of the club are warmly welcomed!

Full Members:

  • are welcome to use the courts at any time (except when all courts are in use for an organised club activity such as pennants, championships or coaching)
  • may have a key to access the courts
  • may participate in any organised club events such as Veterans & Club championships, Club & Interclub pennants
  • may participate in any casual play.

Casual Members:

  • may only play if they are with a full member
  • may only participate in casual play such as Tuesday nights, Monday mornings or by agreement with a full member
  • are not able to use a key to access the courts.

Guest Players:

  • may only play with a full member for a period of 4 weeks before joining the club and must record each play in our player register located in the clubhouse. (This is to manage our insurance obligations.)

A regular club newsletter provides members with information on upcoming events at the club.

All members are required to respect others and the club facilities and agree to observe club policies.

Membership Application

Membership application (pdf)

Membership application (Word docx)

Membership Fees and Costs

The membership year runs from 1st September – 31st August.

A 50% pro rata discount applies to the registration fee after 1st Jaunary.

Membership is open to all ages and all standards of players.

As well as maintaining the club, our fees also pay for

Current annual club membership fees and charges as at 4th March 2015 are:

Full Memberships:

Single: $100

Family: $120 + $20 per person for playing members over 10 years of age

Students: $60

Key: $20 (refundable deposit). All keys remain the property of the club and must be returned if your full membership ceases.

Court lighting: $6 per hour.

Ball fees: We have recently reduced the ‘ball fee’ for organised events to $2 to cover lighting only. New balls will be provided by committee members at their discretion.

Casual Memberships:

$30 membership registration + $5 each time you play

Guest Memberships:

$5 each time you play