Legana Tennis Club

Legana Ladder - our own club challenge

The Legana Ladder is designed to provide singles matches around each members level of play.

Participants may challenge one another  3 levels above or below to a match.

The ladder rules are shown here.

The ladder is published here and shows the ranking of each participating club member.


The Legana Ladder is an opportunity for friendly yet competitive games of tennis to occur outside of organised club events. It is a great way to motivate players into regular games throughout the year.

Being part of the Legana Ladder is voluntary but encouraged, particularly for those that play in organised events such as the Thursday pennants and club championships. The rankings on the ladder are aimed at aiding the organisers of the club events to determine what each player’s position should be at the time of the event including doubles partners.

The ladder does not discriminate on age or gender. Therefore there is only one ladder containing all participants ranked accordingly.

Participants on the ladder provide their preferred contact details. This information must be respected and not used for any other purposes other than as a contact for ladder challenges and club events.


  • The ladder is designed for singles matches only.
  • The players must be current full financial members.
  • Any player on the ladder can challenge another player THREE positions above or below them.
  • The challenger will contact another player and offer dates and times to play.
  • Both players shall mutually agree to the date and time to play.
  • The player must respond and accept the challenge within 2 weeks. If the player declines the challenge, then they will lose by default.
  • The challenger can only ask for one challenge at a time.
  • Both players will mutually agree what format to play from the following options:
    1. 1 set to 6 games, tie break at 5 all; or
    2. Best of 3 sets to 6 games, tie break at 5 all; or
    3. 1 set to 9 games, tie break at 8 all.
  • If players cannot agree, then the default format will be 3 above.
  • Both players will mutually agree what court surface to play on. If players cannot agree then the default surface will be clay.
  • The winner of the match will send/advise of the results to the Ladder Coordinator within a week of completing the match. The results will include:
    1. Who played and their ranking at the time of the match;
    2. Who challenged who;
    3. Date the match was played; and
    4. The final score.
  • The player who wins the match will either remain in their current position on the ladder (if the other player is lower ranked) or be REPLACED above the other player. The other player will move down one place and thus everybody else who is ranked between the two players will also move down one place.
  • The ladder coordinator will update the ladder monthly if there are any changes and provide a copy on the Club Notice Board and Tennis Club website.
  • If there are any disputes or issues to resolve, then the Ladder Coordinator will refer these to the Club Committee meetings where it will be resolved. The committee decision will be final.
  • The initial ranking on the ladder will be determined by the Tournament Committee. The rankings will be revised independent of any challenges on the anniversary of each financial year or post club tournaments. This is to allow for new or exiting members and changes in rankings.
  • Challenge games will not encroach on organised club events.
  • Players will pay for their own lighting if needed or will pay $3.00 per player if using a light key.
  • Players can use tennis balls provided by the Legana Tennis Club. If there are no balls available, then the challenger can contact the Ladder Coordinator to obtain some.

Ladder Coordinator

Don Aurik