Stand out from the crowd

Competition in the leisure and sports market is fierce with today’s consumers more demanding than ever. It is in every club’s best interest to improve the management and operation of the services provided and to offer facilities that meet the expectations of the community.

Good management is the key

Good management is essential for a successful tennis club, centre or association. Whether you are maintaining and improving existing facilities or developing new ones, the management and administration involved can sometimes appear overwhelming.

We can help

Tennis Australia, through its Member Associations, can provide guidance to help make the process as straightforward as possible. Regardless of what type of facility you are considering, be it a tennis court, a clubhouse, a practice wall, or other, there are numerous general considerations that should be taken into account before you decide to undertake the project.

  • Define your criteria thoroughly and realistically. Consider your club’s size, existing and potential users, and its long-term requirements with regard to facilities.
  • Consider all the issues involved including:
  • location
  • materials
  • equipment
  • maintenance
  • services
  • security
  • access
  • legal issues
  • scheduling
  • general considerations
  • future development
  • planning permission
  • develop a long-term business plan
  • develop a project development plan
  • consider your funding requirements
  • make a start.

Developing and improving a club is always hard work, but the rewards are worth all the time and effort.

For more information, contact the Member Association Facilities team in your state.